“Grant Green”

Grant Green (Grant Green, June 6, 1935 -January 31, 1979) is an American jazz guitarist. Born in St. Louis, Missouri.

Jazz critic Dave Hunter describes the performance of green as “flexible, loose, faint bluesy, correctly gluebee.” He was a guitarist representing Blue Note Records in the 1960s, listening to various performances from orthodox Vivop to Seoul Jazz (funky jazz).

For this reason, green records were sometimes heard not only by jazz fans, but also by fans of other genres. Since the late 1960s, he sometimes played a funk style influenced by James Brown.

A ratio for him was made in the wake of Rare Groovom in the late 1980s. In the early 1960s, he played mainly in Vivop -style. You can listen to his excellent bap phrases on the first album “Grandz First Stand” in the 1961 Blue Note and the second album “Grand Stand”.

From the late 1960s to the 1970s, you can listen to funky play. The live edition, “Alive!” And “Grand Green Live at the Light House”, performs funky solos.

The green has changed the play style with the age, but it uses a Gibson guitar with a single coil, and the unique tone of the single coil has become his trademark.

・ I was also good at approaching pentatonic scale.

・ Because it is influenced by gospel, the same phrase is repeated endlessly and solo excitement.

I used a lot of law.

・ I played the single notebook (single note) mainly. The guitaristwes Montgomery of the same era is

In contrast to using a lot of dude solo and octave playing.

Green Street

Deep River

Grant Green –Matador

My One and Love

My Favorite Things

T’ain’T No 바카라 USE

Gibson ES-330 (Grant Green used model)

It features a thick sound that makes use of the peculiar sound of the hollow body. On the other hand, when it reaches a loud volume, the body resonates with the sound of the amplifier, and howling is likely to occur.

The model is very similar to Gibson’s ES-335, which was released at the same time, but the internal structure and sound are very different. The ES-330 has no center block inside the body and has a single coil P-90, whereas the ES-335 has a center block, and the pickup is a hambucker. Until 1966, the neck joints were all 16 fret joints, but in 1967, a 19-frame joint model similar to the ES-335 was released.

It was discontinued in 1972, but now a reissue model has been released from the Gibson Custom Shop.

The low-priced shrimp casino, which was launched in 1961 by Gibson’s subsidiary, Ebifon, is based on the ES-330. Due to the structure, there are many similarities than ES-335, and the inside and pickups are the same, the difference is the head shape, the position mark on the fingerboard, the neck and body joint point (ES-330 is 19 frets, casinos. 16 or 17, 19 frets), the neck width. 330 is wider when comparing 330 necks to the heel at the same time as made in 1965 using John Lennon.

Despite the large difference between the two models, the casino has been used by more famous musicians than the ES-330. Typical users include The Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

Grant Green, IKE Quebec Comp Complete Instrumental Sessions

Grant Green


Leader album

・ “Grandz First Stand” –Grant’s First Stand (1961, Blue Note)

・ “Green Street” –GREEN STREET (1961, Blue Note)

・ “Sunday Mornin” –Sunday Mornin ‘(1962, Blue Note)

・ “Grand Stand” –Grantstand (1962, Blue Note)

・ “The Latin Bit” –THE LATIN BIT (1963, Blue Note)

・ “Feelin the Spirit” –feelin ‘The Spirit (1963, Blue Note)

・ “Am I Blue” –Am I Blue (1964, Blue Note)

・ “Idol Moments” – IDLE MOMENTS (1964, Blue Note)

・ “Talkin About” –Talkin ‘About! (1965, Blue Note)

・ “Hiz Majesty, King Funk” –His Majesty King Funk (1965, VERVE)

・ “I want to hug you” –I watch to Hold your hand (1966, Blue Note) * The title song is the Beetle

The number is arranged in the style of Bossa Nova. Others are jazz standard.

・ “Street of Dreams” –Street of Dreams (1967, Blue Note) * 1964 recorded

・ “Go -in West” –Goin ‘West (1969, Blue Note) * 1962 Recording

・ “Carreen” – Carryin ‘on (1970, Blue Note)

・ “Green Is Beautiful” –Green is Beautiful (1970, Blue Note)

・ “Alive!” –Alive! (1970, Blue Note) ・ Visions (1971, BLUE NOTE) ・ “Shades of Green” -Shades of Green (1971, Blue Note)

・ “The Final Cam Down” –THE FINAL COMEDOWN (1972, Blue Note)

・ “Grand Green Live at the Light House” –live at the Lighthouse (1972,

Blue Note)

・ “Iron City” –IRON City (1972, COBBLESTONE) * 1967 recording

・ “The Main Attraction” –THE MAIN ATTRACTION (1976, KUDU)

・ “Easy” –EASY (1978, VERSATILE) ・ “Matador” –Matador (1979, Blue Note)

* 1974 recording

・ “Solid” –SOLID (1979, Blue Note) * 1964 recording

・ “Remembering Grant Green” –Remembering (1980, Blue Note) * 1961 recording

・ “Goodens Corner” –Gooden’s Corner (1980, Blue Note) * 1961 Records

・ Nigeria -NIGERIA (1980, Blue Note) * With Sony Clark. 1962 recording

・ “Oreo” –OLEO (1980, Blue Note) * 1962 recording

・ “Bone to Bee Blue” –BORN TO BE BLUE (1985, Blue Note) * 1962 recording

・ “Righting Out” –Reaching out (1989, Black Lion) * The Japanese edition is Dave Bailey name

Righteousness. 1961 Recording Blues for Lou (1999, Blue Note) * 1963 recording

・ “First Session” –FIRST SESSION (2001, Blue Note) * 1960 & 1961 recording

・ “Live at Club Mozambique” –live at Club Mozambique (2006, Blue Note)

* 1971 recording

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