[Bellator] Musaev drops 1st place outlaw to 27 seconds and says “Belt, belt, belt!” Patricky replied, “Let’s do it in November” (Gong Martial Arts)

“Bellator 283” was held on July 22, 2022 (Delivery of U-NEXT from 7:30 am in Japan time on the 23rd) at Emerald Queen Casino & Hotel in Tacoma, Washington, USA. [Photo] Musaev facing the first place Musaev, who was selected as his comaine in the 2019 RIZIN Lightweight GP champion Tofick Musaev (Azerbaijan), passed 155 pounds (70.30 kg) on ​​the previous day. It will be a restart from losing a single game against the Babelt Satoshi Souza in RIZIN in June 2021. On the other hand, Sydney Outlaw (USA), the first place in the class, passed 155.4 pounds (70.48 kg). The two shake hands and turn off their eyes. Looking at the front, Musaev raises both hands. Initially, the champion Patricky Frerey (Brazil), who was planning to participate in the Lightweight Title Match, was injured, and instead, a white arrow stands on Musaev and plays against Outlaw. For Musaev, who was originally planned to make a circle cage debut in April, a game with a higher opponent than the original Zack Zain and Adam Picrootty. In the match against the first place in the lightweight, Musaev said, “I just wanted to play a match. I was glad to fight in April. It is not a problem that my opponent has suddenly changed. Go to Bellator to win. We will win this game, rematch Pit Bull, and wind the Bellator belt. ” Outlaw, on the other hand, was an emergency match against Michael Chandler as a substitute for Benson Henderson, who was missed at the Bellator Japan Games in December 2019. Despite being defeated by the right cross to the 1R, he won the split Jury in June 2021 with the former UFC Miles Julie in the previous race, and marked two consecutive victories in Bellator. is doing. 1R, both are orthodox. Musaev changes his stance in small pieces and steps down. Musaev with the right to the left of the outlaw, and the left hook on the temple! Pack the outlaw where your feet swim in the wire mesh and punch the jaw right straight! The outlaw went down and the referee was in between. 1R, only 27 seconds, Musaev won TKO and made a shock Bellator debut. Musaev climbs on the cage and guts pose. After the match, Musaev said, “I am grateful for this opportunity to the coach Ruslan, the support of the fans, and Bellator. I want 슬롯머신 to wait for the recovery of Patricky Pitbull’s injury. I want to challenge the belt, belt, belt! Usman’s victory. Congratulations on Habibu. ” Patricky tweeted shortly after saying, “Let’s do it in November.” After the match, Musaev said at a conference, “I respect Usman Nurumagomedov, but I don’t expect to play. I only see Patricky. I want to do it in my home country (Azerbaijan). With Patricky. I want a chance to rematch. He says he wants to do it, and he has no other opponents. “

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