To you 20 years old

The 6 -year -old eldest daughter graduated from kindergarten this March and became an elementary school student from April.

The three years of spending more than two -thirds of her kindergarten life with the new Corona and the mask will end soon.

In kindergartens where Omicron stocks are expanding and cannot go or not, it seems that graduation is steadily preparing, and this time the children will make time capsules for themselves at the age of 20.

So I was informed that my parents would like to prepare a letter for a 20 -year -old child.

So the first 20 -year -old daughter I thought for the first time. Right now, my favorite things are Barbie, Pretty Cure, and Sumikagoul laughing, and only my sisters fight every day. It’s such a daily life in front of me, so I can’t imagine a 20 -year -old daughter …

But that day will surely come. At that time, I didn’t call me “mom” anymore, is it called “mother”? What kind of woman are you growing up? Do you have a dream? Do you meet good friends? ? I wonder if I’m taller than me.

Just thinking will get hot …

Even if I’m 20 years old, I’m your mother until I die, and I don’t think it will end. Every day called “mom”, the little you who have to protect will definitely end someday. I want to send an ale from a 2022 mom who lives in an era I don’t know. Let’s write such a thing.

This time capsule is not buried underground, but it is stored at home.

Then I decided to keep it with this.

A Baccarat tumbler carved by his eldest daughter. I thought that there was too much of a childbirth, so I thought it was too much (I was too dry w), so I hardly bought it, but I bought it. With my 20 -year -old daughter, I wanted to drink with this.

In fact, there are some of the years when the couple got married and the second daughter. A special tumbler engraved with a family commemorative year.

Also, in more than 10 years, I think that the day to toast will come with this (oh? I’m an adult, so I can drink alcohol from 18 years old ??) , I’m looking forward to it …

I guess there is a rebellion period. I guess there are times when I suffer.

I can’t say that I’ve been used to raising children 바카라 for six years as a mother, and I’m still not good at raising children, but I want to face my child and do my mother.


Please bring the treasure to put in the time capsule from your house. These two were prepared.

Yeah, isn’t it really a choice? If you look at the 20 -year -old, what will you look like ^^

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⏹️Shinzuna wire rope with God‼ ️ The one that grabs the rope of that rope is a paper rope (from Koyo)‼ ️ ️ Rope of Izumo Taisha Tour‼ ️

⏹ What I’m doing is a different loss → deterioration. There is no doubt that you are doing it → Resuscitation. Rejuvenate ️

⏹️ Suzuran Hokuto Ma Bear

⏹️ Pillars of water → Light pillars

⏹️ I will do what I want to do and do not do it in this world

⏹️ It’s also human to pull your feet.

⏹ While you can spend your body and money‼ ️I can’t make it in time when you notice

⏹️ I don’t notice even if I am next to happiness or hope.

⏹ There are people who bloom after passing, and people who scatter flowers. Who do you walk with? ️

⏹ What is a rejuvenating tupachupu gymnastics? How to cure back pain? →

⏹ Is the last morning in Furano being woken up by a song? What is the song?

⏹ Is Menou a miracle of the beach?

⏹ What is a 카지노게임사이트 god finger indication at Wakkanai Port?

⏹ What is the meaning of turning around three times when returning a car at Chitose Airport?

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Prayer of world peace‼ ️‼ People and places where light blessing is pouring just by being nearby‼ ️⭕

⏹️ Transmutter

⏹️ The real thing is that you work without knowing yourself as a light worker. ️

⏹️ Pillars of water

⏹️Peeming off

⏹️ fireworks

⏹️ Creating a wonderful future

⏹ ⏹ Will you do it now? When will you do it?

⏹ The storm of the Hitoyoshi event that the pilgrimage ️

From now on, Tokyo → Hokkaido. ️

Isn’t the witch a transway? What is a transway? When.

Is it the role of a negative wave just by being there?

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Learning is to engrave the truth in your heart. ️ Learning for a lifetime‼ ️

⏹️ No care until you die

⏹️ Entrance

⏹ I did it in various ways, and I want to die like Tetsuro Tamba, if I’m going to go there soon. When I talked, I met Tetsuro Tamba with the person who actually interacted with Tetsuro Tamba. ️

⏹️ I’m always free‼ ️It is always protected‼ ️ I’m always happy‼ ️

⏹️Evenirs and money cannot be entered. So I don’t say the entrance or the entrance. I’ll put it out, but it’s ahead

⏹️ Aqua Pazza

⏹‼ 味 味‼‼‼‼‼ ️

August 13. On Sunday, look at the fireworks poster in Tsuruya Bakara → Mutter, “I want to see fireworks” → I know that there is a fireworks display on Monday 15th in Hitoyoshi → Hitoyoshi’s inn at the speed of seconds (the last one I booked the room) → 30 minutes later, a member of Hitoyoshi will buy the product (thank you for coming to Hitoyoshi) → If you fall asleep for 14 days and go to the hot spring one hour late, I already saw the fireworks from the car with Kumamoto Sorui. ️

⏹ ⏹ Who wishes what? Prayer is protected. ️

⏹️ First of all, thanks to God’s spirit‼ ️ God is not equal because of the hierarchical relationship. After all, hard workers are favored.

⏹ @ White lily was a pilgrimage. ️

Miyazaki and Hitoyoshi were really tired before the Hokkaido pilgrimage.

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