“New store [Ibushi Gin]”

I went to the open store quietly!

It was open! ! I was really happy (laughs)

On the day when I went to Toyonaka and got hungry … Cat?

I fell asleep again, but www

4/10 Open (^O^)/

● New store [Ibushi silver]

From 18:00 to 24:00

Regular holiday Monday

This is a shop opened on 4/10 near Shonai Station, and the shop owner is information that you are from [Hakuba Doji] (・ ∀ ・) I think that it is a small store with only a counter that can enjoy a long -established feeling even though it is a new store

◎ “Pork bone capcino”

Just cappuccino! !

It is moderately stiff and you can get it through the throat (^q^)

Umashi! !

To the feast (*´ `)

This point (・ ∀ ・)

This name is [Ibushi Silver]

What is the meaning of that?

“It’s not gorgeous but attractive and ability”.

I also want to be such a person! !

Wwwwww in the slot

I remembered the slot.

Today, I heard from a young person in the same workplace, but I used to work as a clerk at a cracker in the past.

The hall I went to 카지노 is terrible! When.

GOD or penalty tie Start Natural wwwwww

No, if you get the GOD in the morning, it will be a Yabe fact, right?

I heard that

It’s actually there and I’m so excited many times. When

However, it seems that it is deceived in “No, maybe the customer of the previous day ended the last pena” (^_^;)

I heard a terrible story, but if this is the next opportunity (^o^)

Dowa (*^ω^) ノ

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