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table of contents


Don Pelignon P3

[Purchase reference price] 1993-330,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Domperinon P2 Rose

[Purchase reference price] ~ 125,000 yen

Don Pelignon P2

[Purchase reference price] 1998 to 56,000 yen

2000 to 56,000 yen

2002 -56,000 yen

2003 to 56,000 yen

Domperinon Enotake (Platinum)

[Purchase reference price] 1975-155,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Domperinon Rezelvo Dura Bay (Gold)

[Purchase reference price] 1995-130,000 yen

1998-130,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Domperinon Wild Pink Panther Rose

[Purchase reference price] ~ 45,000 yen

Domperinon Rose Luminous Bottle

[Purchase reference price] ~ 34,000 yen

Don Pelignon Rose

[Purchase reference price] 2004-2008-32,000 yen

2003-25,000 yen

2002-25,000 yen

2000-25,000 yen

1998-25,000 yen

1996-32,000 yen

1995-32,000 yen

1993-25,000 yen

1992-32,000 yen

1990-35,000 yen

1988-35,000 yen

1986-40,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Don Pelignon Vintage

[Purchase reference price] 2004-2012-21,000 yen

2002-20,000 yen

2000-2,000 yen

1999-20,000 yen

1998-20,000 yen

1996-25,000 yen

1995-25,000 yen

1993-25,000 yen

1992-25,000 yen

1990-25,000 yen

1988-25,000 yen

Other age inquiries


Clug Blow Dambone

[Purchase reference price] 1996 to 300,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Clug Clodumenyl

[Purchase reference price] 1996-180,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Clug collection

[Purchase reference price] 1990-90,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Clug Vintage

[Purchase reference price] 2006 to 30,000 yen

Other age inquiries

Clug Rose

[Purchase reference price] ~ 39,000 yen

Clug Grankyu Magnum Bottle 1500ml

[Purchase reference price] ~ 40,000 yen

Clug Grankube

[Purchase reference price] ~ 27,000 yen

Alman de Brignac

Alman de Brignac Masters Green

[Purchase reference price] ~ 31,000 yen

Alman de Brignac Demi Ceccred

[Purchase reference price] ~ 31,000 yen

Alman de Brignac Blanc de Blanc Silver

[Purchase reference price] ~ 65,000 yen

Alman de Brignac Rose Pink

[Purchase reference price] ~ 27,000 yen

Arman de Brignac Brut Gold

[Purchase reference price] ~ 24,000 yen

Perrier Jewelry

Perrier Jewelry Bell Epock Blanc de Blanc

[Purchase reference price] ~ 52,000 yen

Perrier Jewelry Bell Epock Rose

[Purchase reference price] ~ 38,000 yen

Perrier Jewelry Bell Epoch

[Purchase reference price] ~ 23,000 yen

● The above is the purchase reference price. The amount varies depending on the age of manufacture, box, label, bottle design, storage status, box, replacement, booklet, etc.

● Please contact us for whiskey other than the above.

● The above purchase price is limited to the “Yokohama Vivre Mae Store”.

We also handle other whiskey purchases! !

Yamazaki, Hikari, Hakushu, Battle, Yoichi, Miyagikyo, Ichi Rose Malt, Karuizawa, Komagatake, McCaran, Bowgalan, Spring Bank, Port Ellen, Ragavulin, Lafroyg, Glenfidic, Glenfidic, Glenfar Class, Glen Revet, Glen Revet , Glen Glant, Glengeilly, Glend Ronak, Glenkinch, Glenkki, Glen Albin, Wild Key, Wild Turkey, Highland Park, Rose Bank, Royal House Hold, Royal House Hold, Royal Salute, Van Winkle, Johnny Walker, Bennevis, Bennevis, Barvenny , UD, SMWS, Gordon & McFiles, Duncan Taylor, Douglas Rain, etc.

We also handle other brandies! !

Remy Martan Lui XIII, Hennesea Richard, Hennessy XO, Hennesie Furring 1868, Hennesie Paladian Prelial, Hennesinostal Zidbaniore, Camuscuvy, Camuscher Royal, Camusuvy, Camusuvy, Camusuvy, Round Jean Martel, 260th anniversary, Martel 260th anniversary Klubo Ajige Saccession J.L, Kluboge Essence, Tarant Dotomas Hein, Hardy Perfection, DRC Maldobble Goon, DRC Fine Dublgon, etc.

We also handle other wine purchases! !

DRC Romanne Contie, Montlache, Latash, Rashbourg, Echzuzo, Grand Ezo, Romanesan Vivan, Vonnar Mane, Conton, Colton Calmernu, Colton Calmarnu, Colton Salmarnu, Caltony, Chaumbertan, Almanl Saw, Chartotopetrus, Chartotol Pan, Chart Route, Chart Route, Chart Route, Chart Route, Chart Route Fitroat Shilt, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Abran, Chateau Valbran, Chateau Ozonne, Chateau Pavi, Chatora Fleur, Screaming Eagle, Opaswan, Harlan Estate, Kenzo Estate, Italian wine, Spanish wine, etc.

We also handle 코인카지노 other champagne purchases! !

Domperinon, Salon, Armand Brignac, Cru, Alanrobert, Angel, Soumei, Volangae, Taetanje, Annidylos, Jack Ceros, Pelierjee, Louuloderer, Loueldelier, Mo Eschandon, Dragon & Tiger, Collerle, Pol Loje, Boel & Boel & Croff, Piper Edothick, Palm Doll, etc.

We also handle other sake and shochu purchases! !

14th generation, beach pride, zero-based -Absolute0-, light dragon, black dragon, Kikuhime, dassai, Zaku crown, reconciliation, now, Gono, Konokoma, Tadashi, Kubota, Kubota, Hatsuguru, Chiyo, Chiyo. Turtles, Nabeshima, Tengu Mai, Zenken Lios, Ryushi Riki’s whisper, Etsui Jin Tsubameishi, etc.

Mori Izura, Manzen, Demon King, Sato, Nichinan daughter, Old Sake Sakurai, Matsuno Rohe, Hakuba, Satsuma Junshu, Tsuruyuki, Maruichi, Maruichi, Purple Mori, Yokogawa, Kazuma Mori, Kogaku, Kaneyama Koi, Murao, 100 years of lonely Baccarat bottle, etc.

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Daikokuya Yokohama Vibre Former Store

It is diagonally opposite Don Quijote in Yokohama ☆

(Please scroll down the map ♪)

Address: 2-7-14 Minamiki, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

Phone number: 045-412-5528

Business hours: 10: 30-19: 30

* Open all year round except for the year -end and New Year holidays.

The Macau Government Hakuya Inspection Agency (DICJ) was down 95.3%from the same month on the same month, and down 83.9%from the previous year, with the Macau monthly casino sales (Gross Gaming Revenue = GGR) on August 1 (2022). The latest statistics were announced that it was 39.8 billion Pataka (Japanese yen conversion: about 6.5 billion yen). It was a minus for 5 months in the same month, and for the first time in three months in the previous month. From the same month in 2019 before Corona, it decreased 98.4%. One digit 100 million Pataka stand since June 2020. Metropolitan traffic has already been resumed between mainland China and Macau by conditional quarantine exemption, but since this year, the re -trends have become more severe in various parts of China, and the water intermitte measures are strengthened and moved. As a result of restrictions, the number of inbound passengers from mainland China in Macau has been sluggish, which has been affected by casino sales. In the Macau area, the zero korona has been maintained for about eight months until mid -June, but in response to a series of cases of Omichron Ba.5, the municipal infections of Omicron Ba.5 have appeared one after another. At the same time, extremely strict epidemic measures were taken in the region. Above all, for 12 days from July 11, “Social Relative Still” was implemented as a special epidemic measures, and most of the economic activities, including casino facilities, were stopped. In some cases, some casino facilities were subject to local lockdown. Special epidemic measures and local lock -downs have already been lifted, and casino facilities have resumed business, but it is expected that it will take some time before the level of epidemic control returns to the situation before June 18. The business day in July is 31 days, one day shorter than June. The average sales per business day in July this year was about 85%from the previous month, 01.3 billion Pataka (about 2.1 billion yen). The subsequent changes after the influence of the new Corona occurred, which was lower than 0.2.3 billion to 0.56 billion yen (approximately 380 to 920 million yen) in the second quarter of 2020, which was further lower than this. The cumulative sales of Casino in January to July this year decreased by 53.6%from the same period of the previous year to 266.6.8 billion Pataka (about 436.4 billion yen). The fluctuation rate dropped 7.2 points from the previous month (worse). The Macau government initially expected to be sales of Casino in the 2022 financial budget, 130 billion Pataka (approximately 2.227.4 billion yen), and the progress rate at the end of July was 20.5%. The same amount was expected to be the same, but it was significant (66.8%). [Material 1] Macau’s monthly casino sales in 2022 (in parentheses are year -on -year) ・ January: 63.44 billion yen = about 103.8 billion yen (20.9%decrease), February: 77.59 billion = approximately 127 billion Yen (6.1%increase), March: 36.7.2 billion Pataka = about 60.1 billion yen (down 55.8%), April: 26.77 billion yen = about 43.8 billion yen (down 68.1%), May: 33.4.1 billion Pataka = approx. 547 100 million yen (68.0%decrease), June: 24.7.7 billion Pataka = about 40.5 billion yen (down 62.1%), July: 39.8 billion yen = about 6.5 billion yen (down 95.3%)> Cumulative in January to July: 266.68 billion Pataka = about 436.4 billion yen (down 53.6%) [Material 메리트카지노 2] Macau’s annual casino sales from 2013 to 2021 (parentheses are compared to the previous year) ・ 2013: 3607.4 billion Pataka = approximately 5,903.6 billion yen ( 18.6%increase)*Peak time ・ 2014: 3515.2.1 billion Pataka = approximately 5,752.6 billion yen (2.6%decrease) ・ 2015: 238.4 billion Pataka = approximately 3,778.3 billion yen (34.3%decreased) 100 million Pataka = about 3,653.4 billion yen (3.3%decrease) ・ 2017: 2657.4.3 billion Pataka = approximately 4,439.5 billion yen (up 19.1%) ・ 2018: 3028.4.6 billion Pataka = approximately 4,9568 billion yen (14.0%(14.0%) Increased) ・ 2019: 2924.5 billion Pataka = approximately 4,7867 billion yen (down 3.4%) ・ 2020: 604.4.1 billion yen (79.3%decrease) ・ 2021: 868.6.3 billion Pataka = approx. 1 trillion 4217 100 million yen (up 43.7%)