Fukuoka, report again #1

-The temple street of the temperature to the fountain show of Canal City

#Temple in the city, Tokhoji and Shohoo Koji

An unexpected treasure was hidden in the city temple.

‘Tokhoji’ near the Jokyu Showachi

The temple was found by chance on the way to the temperature station.

In fact, I didn’t know it was such a famous temple.

Looking at the view of Korean group tourists listening to the guide’s explanation in the grounds.

I felt that there was something special here.

It was incredible that the Buddha of the patriarch was carved into a tree.

He made the back of the lotus pattern and engraved the Buddhist statues in the middle, and even in detail, even the fine patterns of the insignia that surrounded the Buddha’s body in the Buddha’s ‘Bala’ (screw -shaped Buddha’s hair).

Buddha’s chloride smiles were shining while receiving a bunch of light coming into the wooden window.

I struck the phone camera without seeing the notice of being drunk on the beautiful tree and prohibiting the camera shooting.

Soon after coming out, the sunlight in early May was falling down the courtyard.

I didn’t know what I thought so, but the loneliness of the day was full of loneliness.

I remembered a woman who was looking out of the rainy window at Haneda Airport, Tokyo.

She was looking at the runway silently, which was very lonely and repeated the flight of her arrival.

Constructed in 806 and Fukuoka women in 2019.

If you can forget the cumbersome world of misconduct here for a while, you have played a role in the first place.

Fukuoka’s temple in the middle of the city is a place where citizens can relax and enjoy Japanese Buddhist culture.

Around ‘Tokhoji’, we were able to see the first Japanese shipping company ‘Shohoo Koji’ and various temples.

Early in the morning, I finished my meal at Yayoi Ken and went on a walk and a ‘temperature temple street’.

I heard the sound of pedaling of the workers on the bicycle and the sound of the car.

Walking slowly along the long wall of the temple, ‘Shohoo Koji’ appeared.

I just wanted to walk slowly on this tranquil morning grounds.

There is no temple guard, no monk or a monk.

The birds were walking in the morning sky at the high branches shaking in the wind.

Older temples than 카지노사이트 Audi light settled in the blue leaves, and they were still silent with patience that had long had to endure for a long time.

I walked along the narrow road behind Sho Koji and met various temples.

All were small fault buildings, and they were free to leave the gate.

It was almost similar to the garden seen in the former Kyoto ‘Gilaksa Temple’ and ‘Yongansa’, and in the other corner, the tombs of the dead were displayed like a statue.

#Canal City Fountain Show

In Takao Takao, Takao, Takao, a glass of pork and vegetables, drank a glass of cool Asahi beer, and the shoulder dance was overwhelmed and the fountain was overwhelmed by the canal -city shopping store. It was stir.

It was surrounded by a dancer dancing with a five -colored light.

I didn’t expect a fountain show.

Like the joy of a child who received an unexpected gift, I went down to the first floor with a rather excited heart.

Immediately, the song ‘Sing Sing Sing’ song came out excitedly, and the fountains began to dance like the idol group’s military service.

The stream of machine dances without any error lowered his height and slowly escaped into the canal.

I was lingering around with a little unfortunate heart, and after a while, a guide broadcast was prepared.

I blew and clap like a child and sat down with the best place.

The first performance was just a fountain show that the audience watched, and the second performance was a way of inducing the audience with a certain story.

A program in Canal Aqua Panorama, ‘Space Invaders Groovy’ was a story of repelling space invaders with the powerful applause of the audience.

The audience sets a missile to attack the space invaders by applause according to the signal of the game screen on the screen.

I remembered the fountain show I saw at the former Winmakao Hotel in Macau.

At that time, I witnessed the beauty of the water and didn’t know how to leave in front of the fountain for a while.

In addition to ‘Space Invaders’, there are also ‘Evagerion’ and ‘Hakada Hakada’.

The name of Ise Shozo (1951) was a member of the folk group Kaguya Princess, and was a major in 1973 (22 years old). After “Kaguya Princess” broke up in 1975, Masayan worked as a folk duo “wind”. In 1979, the “wind” stopped, and since then, solo activities were the main.

Here, among the songs announced during the 1973 and 1993 period, the best 21 songs based on their own discretion and prejudice were arranged in chronological order.

The first 10 songs are songs from the 1970s’s folk group “Kaguya Hime” and “Kaze”, and the second half of the songs are AOR or City Pop, which was announced during the solo activity since the 1980s. It is a song. And the last song is a song from the 1990s.

① Parting of 22 years old

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Three -story poetry (announced in 1974 / Kaguya Princess 4th / 1st)” is included.

◯ Single (announced in 1975 / wind 1st / 1st)

It is a wind’s first single, the biggest hit song for his life, and the most known song in the world.

“On your birthday, 22 candles, each one, everyone was your life, and from the 17th, it was like yesterday. “

② Nagori Snow

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Three -story poetry (announced in 1974 / Kaguya Princess 4th / 1st)” is included.

It is a masterpiece of a famous song known as a dolphin hit song, but the singing of the Kaguya princess era is also good.

“I’m trying to say something with my face on the windows of the train that started moving. I was scared of moving your lips in good luck.”

③ Kaigan -dori

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Wind First Album (announced in 1975 / 1st / 1st)”.

This is also known as a dolphin hit song. The songs provided to dolphins include “Rain Story”. When you listen to this song with a voice of Jinnan, there is another charm.

“Did you choose the sea because of my compassion? Why didn’t you notice that the farewell tape was out?”

④ He

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Wind First Album (announced in 1975 / 1st / 1st)”.

In the lyrics of Masayan, snowy mountains often appear. This song is also a song that talks to a woman who lost her lover by climbing snowy mountains. Although it is not a single cut, it is one of the most famous songs for many fans.

“In the snow, a man returned to the mountains. It’s just that story, in a busy season.”

⑤ Only you

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Wind First Album (announced in 1975 / wind 1st / first place)”.

It is an eternal love ballad that is a simple, straightforward, passionate, eternal love ballad sung by Shozo Ise. This is my favorite song.

“Even if the most beautiful person in the world likes me, I don’t need anything, even if I say that it will give me the most beautiful star in this universe. Only you. That’s fine. The night is so short that I can’t talk about love. “

⑥ Would you like to sing that song anymore?

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Single (announced in 1975 / wind 2nd / 24th)

It is a broken heart song of a dark and plain folk song, but as a fan at that time, it is a song that is strongly thoughtful.

“Last year, I was alone and looked back at the back without knowing anyone. I want to listen to that song again. I still believe that I made it for me, that song.”

⑦ Northern train

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Time flows … (announced in 1976 / wind 2nd / first place)” for the first time.

A song with the image of a broken heart, being alone, swinging by a night train, and going to the northern country in the spring.

“I went on a long journey to forget you and chose this city at the end of the journey. Last year, I couldn’t forget the whiteness of the snow in the northern country where I got on a train and traveled together. “

⑧ This little life

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Single (announced in 1976 / wind 3rd / 16th)

Masayan sings a song like a “support song for life” unexpectedly. This song is its representative song.

“If you tell the season of the season, you will blow in the heart of a lonely person. And the season, pick up that love and create an endless story.”

⑨ Youth who walked with you

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Windless Blue (announced in 1976 / wind 3rd / 3rd)”.

The lyrics are very good. Image rising starting output is not odd. The definitive edition of a sweet and sour youth broken heart song. Hiromi Ota also sang, but she would definitely like the voice.

“I really promised them, I have to run out. I’m afraid, but I really loved it. I remember the beautiful sunset. I met you for the first time. I was the first time. “

⑩Bye bye

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Single (announced in 1978 / wind 6th / 52nd)

◯ Album “MOONY NIGHT (announced in 1978 / 5th / 2nd)”.

A song of a lonely man in nihil. Like Peten Master, this kind of cool song looks good on the right way. 〝Wind〟 It was the last single before the suspension of activities.

“Everyone is all loved and loved, the end of a sad love, too much, but someday, why can you hide the scar, the right hand, and hold someone again with your left hand?”

⑪ Moon Light

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Single (announced in 1981 / solo 2nd / ー)

◯ Album “Yuku Nagisa (announced in 1981 / solo 2nd / ー)” is included.

A solo masterpiece that has been created to a city pop sound that is completely different from the previous folk style. The sense and perfection of the sound creation of Kazumi Mori and the target of “Mori Kazumi and the target” who served as the album “Nagisa Yuku” including this song is too excellent, and it is always new to the times.

“Love things go away every day, and if you wait for a new time, the old station will be demolished, and the cityscape will change. Is a transparent season to the heart. “

⑫ A city where you can see the marine tower

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Yuku Nagisa (announced in 1981 / solo 2nd / ー)” is included.

“Nagisa Yuku” is the most favorite album, which is quite lost whether to put the album and title song “Nagisa Yuku” or “One Page of Youth”, but here is dogmatic and prejudice. I chose my favorite song.

“If you are reborn, it will appear gently in the world of stars again, and somewhere on the star, I think it’s a seaside city, but I met you again, loved you, and stared at it, and then the same dream. Look, shed the same tears, and don’t have to know from there, so now, if you flowing, if you drink it, you will get drunk with you. “

⑬ Winter calendar

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Yuku Nagisa (announced in 1981 / solo 2nd / ー)” is included.

This is also a song on the snowy mountain, but I like the sophisticated sound with a bright, good tempo rhythm.

“People who meet on a winter day have a warm fingertip, with warmth in their chests.

⑭ Girl in a white shirt

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “HALF SHOOT (announced in 1982 / mini album)”.

This song is the first song of the masterpiece mini album “Half Shoot”, and the message and sound are the most powerful songs in the album.

“If a man burns hot, a woman should be in the sea. Love will surely show it when it passes.”

⑮ FM at night

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “HALF SHOOT (announced in 1982 / mini album)”.

Again, the arrangement is excellent. A good song of City Pop.

“Speaking of which, what you were staring at was the light of the offshore boat. If you listen to the night FM, I suddenly remember it.”

⑯ September island

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “HALF SHOOT (announced in 1982 / mini album)”.

Unusual for a good song, a good song that expresses sound, melody, lyrics, and brightness and liberation on the entire surface.

“The cobalt’s sky melts in the sea and I love it all over the world. The island in September, where nobody is no longer, is the best. Yes, you are always by your side. Really the best.”

⑰ Shower room

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Orange (announced in 1983 / solo 4th)”.

At that time, among the fans, I love the song that I love most in the album “Orange” which was very highly evaluated. The development from the first half to the latter half of the movement is wonderful.

“The droplets that fall in the shower room resonate. If you are alone, you’ve already passed, you’ll have a dull memory, at least dusk, and you’ll be able to write a novel. “

⑱ Blue Route 10

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Orange (announced in 1983 / solo 4th)”.

In the album “ORANGE”, a popular song for fans alongside Cape117. I was quite worried about which one to put in. Both songs are very atmosphere.

I was worried about my worries, and eventually I put in both.

“To see the island sinking in 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 the sea, run, national highway, north. By pass the body as it was at that time.”

⑲ cape117

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “Orange (announced in 1983 / solo 4th)”.

This song seems to be the most thoughtful song in this album. After all, I can’t drop it.

“In the cityscape that can be interrupted by the cape, the eye -catching neon letters spill out of the sideboard, like a small casino, and when they are in that cafe, then passing by that day, Cape Town. “

⑳ nakashibetsu

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Album “HEART BEAT (announced in 1984 / solo 5th)”.

The song I like most in the album “Heart Beat”. A man who got off at Nakashibetsu Airport in the eastern road of Hokkaido reminds me of the old love.

“When you freeze your life, you can collect your exhaling breath in your palm, and you will get on the runway. Floats between the clouds and disappears. “

㉑ Just short summer

Lyrics composed by Ise Shozo

◯ Single (announced in 1993 / solo 8th)

The best -known song in the 1990s of the 1990s.

“There is another mean, there is another one, and I will hide only the true feelings.