Episode 11 Eighth Tea -White Tiger Salvation (白 毫 毫)

Episode 11 Eighth Tea -White Tiger Salvation (白 毫 毫) Current article

A white tea that reminds us of the beauty produced in Fujian Province Bokjeong City and Jeonghwa County

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White Tiger Salvation (白 毫 毫 毫)

White Heaven (Chinese Simplifier: 白 毫 银针, Stagen: 白 毫 毫 毫, Pinyin: báiháo yínzhēn Vichae) to be dumped. It is a representative difference of Fuzen Castle with Cheolgwan. It is a name that is made by the white down (白 毫) because the appearance is tender.

It is one of the most valuable and expensive cars among the white tea because it is produced only by the top of the upper part of the Daebaek tea tree from Yunnam. It only ferments a little without any special processing process, making it natural drying in the shade. So even if you keep it for a long time, there is little change in aroma and taste.

For the first time, the white tea came out, so let’s take a quick look at the white tea.

According to the historical record, the origin of white tea is the following story.

There was a young man named Yoon Jin, a famous scholar, calligrapher and educator of ancient China, Donghan (25th -220 B.C.E.). One day, he picks up his hometown and visits Hurshin, an ambassador to study abroad. Huh Shin (許 愼) says that he is waiting for a while. Yunjin sat down under his eaves, and after he was eating the ear he took.

Shortly afterwards, Huh Shin’s house was full of unique scent, and Yunjin, who was waiting for it, was a library and concerned with hot water. The appearance was very beautiful, and the tang color was very elegant and turquoise, and the taste was very clean, rich, fresh, cool, and the back end. This is said to have been the origin of the white car.

China’s white tea is mainly produced in Fujian Province. The biggest feature that the white car is distinguished from other cars is clearly noticeable in appearance. This is because the surface of the dry tea leaves, which is not necessary to hear why it is called ‘白 白’, is dense covered with pure white fluffy down.

White cars have two different characteristics from other cars in the Jedda process. The first is to harvest only young and soft sprouts and leaves with white fluffy hair, and secondly, in the method of various methods, the bibi does not use the method of invitation and ideology at all (不 炒 不揉), It is just using only the Hong Gun technology that is dried in the sun. Therefore, the white tea is also called the name of ‘日 曬’ (日 曬 曬) with the meaning of ‘白’.

While white cars are one of the six major flirts, only a small amount was produced so much that it was only 1.3%of China’s car production as of 2019. Nevertheless, interest in white tea has increased in Europe and the United States, and production has increased in the last decade. White cars are mainly produced in Fujian Castle Bokjeong, Jeonghwa, Songgye, and Kunyang Prefecture, and are known to be produced in small quantities in Taiwan. It was also very small in small quantities, so it was difficult to encounter and was considered a precious car. Therefore, it is also a difference that boasts a significant ransom and scarcity compared to the common (?) Green tea.

Among the top 10 Chinese cars, Fujian, which has three different cars, is an exceptionally unique area in the way of drinking tea and how to drink tea, unlike other regions in China. Although drinking tea throughout China is not a special culture, but even though it is part of life, people in the toxic Fuzen province prefer complex and demanding “工 夫”. Due to such a background and atmosphere, the general public, which is complicated and difficult for the general public, or the “Daye”, which requires highly skilled arts, was also excited in Fujian.

White tea was first created in Fujian Castle Pudding County. In 1796 AD (Qing Dynasty Gagyeong), he has already begun to produce white tea and has a history of over 200 years. In 1885, he began to produce and processed the thick tea buds of the white car, and began to produce a “white tiger needle” with thick car buds and hairy. In 1891 (16 years of Qing Dynasty), it was launched in silver acupuncture.

The white tea is divided into ‘Acha’ made using only the buds of the tea and the leaf tea made using leaves. The representative one of the teas is ‘Baekhoeun’ (白호 毫 毫), and the leaf tea is ‘Gongmi’. It is also a grade.

The best class is the saliva deila (一 芽), if it is made only by shoots, the white hair is the one -eye leaf, the method of making it into two leaves in one shoot, and the leaf is the leaf and four leaves. It is made of raw materials, and Sumi is made of raw materials mixed with leaves and stems.

The main mountain of the white tiger is largely divided into the Pudding City and Nanping City, Fujian Province, China. Zeng Heo Prefecture was already known as a tea garden in the Song Dynasty.

At the time, there was a wild white tea tree at the top of Kwan -hyun, and he was raising the white tea. There is an official record that Yong -an was so happy that the dragon was so happy after the car was savoring the car. It is also possible to confirm how much Hujong liked the Baek Ho Eun -eun at that time, and he was the current government of Zheng Hu (1111 ~ 1118), which was then in the name of Kwan -hyun.

Hwijong wrote a book called Daron, which is a professional book about a car, and the description of the white tea described by Hwijong in the book was as follows.

“White cars are unique varieties. It’s completely different from other cars. The leaves are as thin, transparent, and deep as the leaves. There are only a few people who can make white tea, few tea trees, and the yield of tea leaves is too low, and once you make a mistake, the tea leaves are broken.

Looking at the history record of the Baekhae Eun -soo, it was said that the tea tea was made in the pudding area in 1896. In about 1857, the tea tree of the pudding enclosure breed succeeded in breeding in pudding, and in 1885, it began to serve the silver bed with tea leaves of pudding.

The reason for the fact that the silver needle by the white tea is due to the tea of ​​tea, that is, the new shoots were too thin and small. In another region, the Qing Huh area, in 1880, the tea trees of the enclosure of the enclosure were successful in breeding, and in 1889, they began to serve the silver. The silver guidance began to be exported abroad in 1891, and the period of 1912 to 1916 was the most peak.

At that time, there was a record that the pudding and Zenghe, the year of the two regions, reached about 50,000 kilograms, and shortly afterwards, the production and export volume of World War I broke out in Europe. It is said that it started sharply.

Even now, it is said that it is more exported to regions such as Hong Kong, Macau, Germany, and the United States than in China.

When you finish the black tea in Europe, if you give it a bit of a silver guide, it is a culture between the aristocrats who say that they drink some tea in Europe. Preach through.

By 1982, the Chinese Commerce Department evaluated the silver guidance as a national difference, and the 30 kinds of masterpieces will be selected to select the Baekhoe Sales in the second place.

Thus, among the white -handed needle trains, famous luxury cars such as Eun -gu and Eunyong were commercialized. It is occupied.

It is also one of the ways to enjoy the white tea of ​​the two major mountains. Fuzen’s locals call the pudding tea called “North Road Silver”, and Zeng Heo’s car is called “South Road Silver”.

In the case of Pudding City, it is adjacent to the beach, and in the case of Zeng Huh Prefecture, it is a mountain where the slopes are surrounded by mountains. Pudding is also known as the nickname of the hometown of China’s white tea, 카지노 and is also known as the largest organic tea producer in Fujian.

Zenghe is the largest white tea producer in China, the best climate for tea trees, and the white tiger in this area is called the best white tea.

In terms of geographical conditions, Zenghe’s environment is a bit better than pudding, but the difference between the two decisive regions shows a slight difference in the way of the leaves, so sharing the name of the same white tiger needle while sharing the same white tiger needle while sharing different flavors and aromas while sharing the name of the same backhoe. Put it.

In the case of counterfeiting, the in the case of Pudding is forged. In other words, we work to wander with sunlight.

On the contrary, Zeng Heo is thoroughly forged indoors. In the case of Zenghe, he works in the sun after wandering in the shade and forgery in the sun. Originally, the Qing Huh area was important in architecture a well -ventilated house, which was said to have been built as a natural ventilation structure to this day.

Although it is the same white tiger needle difference, it is possible to know the novel experience of different flavors and aromas due to the slight difference between the geographic environment and the jedda process.

As shown in the picture below, the pudding is short, thick, white, and white fluffy, compared to many on the surface. Compared to the smallest comparison, it can be clearly seen. Looking at the appearance of the tea leaves, beginners often say that pudding tea leaves have a much more luxurious and better effect.

But the decisive difference and important thing is the taste and aroma of the car. It will be helpful to find a car that fits your preference, but you know that there are two different regions in the same white tiger needle.

First of all, if you look at the tang color, you can see that the silver needle of Zenghe is darker than the silver needle of the pudding. So is it? The tastes of the tea have a sense of body, and the silver needle of the government is relatively high, and the pudding’s silver needle is relatively weak, but the subtle and long afterglow captures the tongue.

When I visited the local area, Zeng Hu’s tea was invited to have a meal together in the evening, and he had a drink. ) I likened to be a beer, so I gave you a pinzan to say that it was because you were Zenghe’s side. To briefly summarize, the silver needle is a bit rich, and the pudding silver needles can be remembered as a subtle taste and choosing it to suit your taste.

When we make the back of the back of the back of the back of the back of the back of the back of the back of the back, we recommend that you use a transparent glass bracket for the fun of seeing. The white tiger needle is about 3 centimeters long, so if you look at the dry tea leaves, you can’t distinguish the up and down. This is called tea leaf dances and is called ‘tea 舞’ ’.

While watching the tea leaves dancing in a transparent dog, 1/3 of the tea leaves stood up, 1/2 when they stood up, 2 bags, and 3/4 takes 3 bags. You can drink with the difference in various flavors.

The Jedda process of the white tiger needle is ‘tea ()’ → ‘counterfeiting (萎凋: tea leaf wither)’ → ‘Hongbae (烘焙: fire)’ : Rewards) ‘→’ Packing in the box ‘is followed.

Instead of the simple jedda process, the white car says that the appropriate “timing” in the process is very important compared to other cars. Rather, it is said to be more demanding than other cars. If you do not keep the timing properly or miss the timing, you cannot capture the unique taste and aroma.

The white tiger is a mention of the six generations, and the words, ‘White tea drinks in one year, medicine in three years, and treasure in seven years’ follows like an advertisement. In fact, you can drink it with a tea tea or drink it for a long time. So, when you keep the white tea for a long time, you can see if you can use the steam like a boy tea and press it with a millstone to make it a bottle tea. The decades of white tea is called ‘old white tea’, and sometimes the constitution of the drinker is heated and if it is a constitution, it is famous among experts as a medicinal herb.

In fact, comparison of the tastes of the car corresponding to the three years can be described as follows.

When it’s a chaise, the fragrance of flowers feels like flying. It is not a rich and rushing floral fragrance, but a wild flower scent that is blown by the wind with the grass. So the fresh and neat woman’s appearance comes to mind. Search is light off.

The car, which has been three years, has a strangely scent of herbs. Mugwort, cinnamon, and jujube flavors are mixed with many herbal medicines, making it much better to drink. The search is a bit thicker than the chat.

Nobaek tea is rich in Chinese medicine scent. It’s not the first time I know, but it’s the first time I’m in charge, but it’s good for my body and in the herbal medicine room. The search is dark yellowish brown with shiny flowing. After drinking an old white tea, you can see that the sweat has a pontery bone on the forehead without knowing it.

White cars are originally rich in minerals and vitamins, and the catechin content is the highest than any other car, which has the effect of lowering the body’s body, clearing the hair, and improving the skin. However, the white tea is as good as medicine for people with a lot of cold in one shot, but it is also a difference that requires attention when drinking because it can be poisonous for many people.

It’s expensive compared to other cars, so you may be able to choose a car and need to be responsible for the choice. Because it is a half fermented car, I can’t feel the astringent taste unique to green tea. After swallowing, the soft and sweet aftertaste remains soft.

Other cars, but the white tiger needle is a good car to make a measure of the mentality training of the drinker. Speaking of my personal experience, when it’s a good condition to be calm, it’s so fragrant and subtle, and even after drinking, it’s a bitter diminity. You will have an experience that you do not lose. I explain this in relation to mental fostering, but tea experts explain that this is the charm of the white tiger needle to know the taste properly by having some trained taste.

This precious white tiger needle, which was produced only in China, is now produced in Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, and Kenya thanks to its popularity. Among them, the white tiger needle produced in Sri Lanka is called Ceylon Silver Tips, and is popular among the general public who wanted to taste high -end white tea due to its excellent taste and aroma.

In the next side, the ninth car story continues.

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