“I saw Gobugobu Part 2”

Good evening everyone.

Where do you think Ossan is?

What a Iwate prefecture ww

It’s really cool! !

The daytime temperature is 24 ° C

Air conditioner Iranke! ! It’s a story.

I’m really related to wine

There’s a job like interviewing, but

To be surprised (゚ д ゚)

Knowledge of cult wine was useful! ! smile

↓ It was good to watch.

Thanks to Tokyo Ossan S ww

I like wine

Isn’t the wine saved?

Ossan also talked about cult wine

If so, ww

Wine chimon will be money

It was exciting with the story.

This is a good story about work!

Thanks to Takarazuka! smile


By the way, yesterday, I went to Gobugobu Part 2


What a Rei Dan and Hama -chan

I was walking on that bronze statue!

I ignored it, but lol

I got into the basement of Solio,

Popola Marma, Soujibo and bookstore

Transfer … Come out on the ground

Is it Eiraku -an?

It is a shop with a treasure.

It seems that I like Rei Dan

You stopped by and ate.

Apparently the shop has been from the Meiji era

I don’t like it all the time.

I hate Ossan Japanese sweets

I’ve never stopped, but too much

Because Rei Dan is delicious

I’m going to buy it for my family next time!

Two people walking on the flower path.

Next is infiltration into the Takarazuka Hotel!

Ma -chan is on the way to go

“Men who are a man who watch Takarazuka”

I’m talking like

Rei Dan

“There are many men !!”

I said!

So, I’m watching Ossan! !

I was watching while nodded.

It will be a study of history,

It’s also useful for work!

It ’s like that ww

From the Takarazuka Hotel

It is Takarazuka quiz.

I was shown the guy with a strange wooden board,

What’s this? of

I did a quiz,

I don’t know! !

The correct answer is the scale of the violet flower blooming

It is represented, to say

The staff sings, but

It was a fucking sound … ww

Well … answer the quiz correctly

On the reward menu

◆ Apple pie

It looks like a signboard menu of Takarazuka Hotel?

I didn’t know

◆ Group cocktail

↓ Is there something like this? ?

I was able to choose

Rei Dan chooses the last star set

Hama -chan chooses purple soragumi

(But it seems that the purple -colored Sora -gumi seems to be unpleasant

She was also drinking the snow group. It looks like a banana)

After all, it seems to be citrus except for the snow group,

If you do an ossan, you can see the star set

Yeah lol


Finally enter the big theater ww

I thought that was right here

Rei Dan has entered only from the back door

There is no.

workman? ? (゚ д ゚)

Former Jenne at the time of the theater

Enter from the back door? ? When

I was watching while thinking,

Is that so now?

Well, I don’t know anything,

Starting to the stage studio,

When I’m called a car

I’m fine and young lol

When do you shoot this?

I was looking around with the poster,

It seems that he was shooting at the time of the Hanagumi performance.

The last is the entrance stairs of the big theater

This pose suddenly ended lol

The daughter’s role pose is too wandering,

I guess it’s soaked lol

In my personal opinion,

Something like the back of the stage

I wanted you to show it.


By the way, it was quite late,


Sora -gumi’s big theater performance has been announced!


Next is 007

Moreover, the Romanov family who loves Russia again

Doesn’t it come out lol

oh dear··

I just understood that it would definitely look good!

Rather, there’s no way to get out and remedy!

By the way

“Kiki -chan” on Twitter yesterday

It seems that Chuno was attracting attention.

I think Ossan is the last time.

Zuka man

“I’m one real and I am leaving the group normally.”

Because I said.


A while ago

I was doing a work like an aspannia

Sora -gumi goes to Izuko! !

Some good works come.

But a little bit

Although the work has been announced, he has been working on the lesson,

After a absence

I feel that only the performers and the audience 코인카지노 are left behind

It’s not.

So tomorrow

I’m going to Tokyo, but if you do it normally

I sewed between work and watched! When

It’s a breath, but

It’s hard to do that!

Nihon Blog Village

Try out the movie “Catch Me If You Can”

Reviewing is a true story. However, after a long time, for example, a popular movie

It would have been abuse to make it easier to use politically.

As you can see by watching the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio

The genius scammer who plays will be converted at the end. I was working as a living

There is a time, so how should I say the genius scammer at that time?

I just think that it is an obvious monster. The tremendous IQ numbers are

It was out. It is said that it is strange not to cause a crime due to criminal psychology.

It was the value of IQ. Tom Hanks’s glasses at the time of my reflection was

He certainly loved glasses at that time and could attach sunglasses.

It was useful. However, as in the movie, he seized a genius scammer,

When I do a lot of jobs, I’m scared of my glasses. If it’s a lie or sincere

If you haven’t lied, you will try a little bit,

I feel like I’m afraid that I will be able to see through the glasses in various ways.

So I have changed it. The impression of the naked eye in the reflection of manga, etc.

Those who were arrested for their strong people on their glasses were talking about such fears.

The story was accurate anyway, and I’ve been thinking a little.

He is really escaping from the room toilets. At this time, really

There is still a memory that I thought, “What a guy.” From my wallet

I removed the coins before I knew the coins and removed the screws.

I was silent so far, but I decided that it was time to put it out,

From the fact that a former genius scammer who has already been converted is desperately contributing to society

At the moment, the shape has been changed by “abuse of the movie”.

The 메가슬롯 chase has become a social trend as a social trend,

I just write that I just eat it perfectly.

Actually, Leonardo DiCaprio at the time of the movie “Catch Me If You Can”

I have been investigated whether the genius scammer who plays is equivalent to Nazism.

It is not a pure Nazism, but it will be a neo -nazi thought.

At that time, I had an answer. I’ll defend it properly, but now

I am learning from the obvious Jung psychology from me, and now

Due to the correction, the IQ in the dangerous water area in the former criminal psychology

Along with the fact that there is no, it is just a status that contributes to society purely

I will defend. Give the password. “The art helps you.”

It’s about the Nazi thought, but simply says, “I control and take control.”

It’s cheap, but when it comes to ideas,

For example, “If that tribe is a massacre and governs, the tribe is

You can take control of the social rights as an indigenous resident, and repain the history. “

Based on the philosophy, it seems to be Nazi thought. But that kind of thing

I think everyone thinks. As a TV drama in the Warring States period in Japan

From the fact that it is a national program, “At that time, Shingen Takeda

If you are going to Tokyo sooner using his grandson’s military law, the feudal society will be

It is similar to thinking that it was different in history. “

However, I’m really serious about it from the front, for example, “Someday

I will have such thoughts such as “I will dominate after massacre”.

At one point, it really happens to be an international terrorist,

Or, as a reality, the fact that it is considered an international resistance

Whether it will wake up. Like the freedom of thought

You are free if you just think about it. But it’s true

I’m seriously thinking, I’m possessed only by such dangerous thoughts,

Whether there is a risk of such dangerous actions in Japan

For example, whether it is a dangerous person in the Federal Investigation Bureau, etc.

It will be judged. The FBI Psychological Analysis Division is conducting such an investigation.

In gambling, in gambling, my generation read books, etc.

“Because it’s like a gambling life,”

Published a book, and the royalties of royalties after the royalties were taken out by the royalties.

You’re just reading an article like American Dream

However, in fact, the example of that was an international political crime is endless.

Those who have really committed it and committed suicide, are no longer a number of now.

What is the motivation for that international political crime?

If the author dies after plagiarizing the intellectual property

It is a political crime that the plagiarized intellectual property right becomes the country.

And when I have been made by the target of that specific person now

I am aware. These sentences also have self -defense.

In gambling, for example, about pachinko reduction,

Do you think that is legal or not? What is a pachinko parlor?

The cash is not included in the sales, and the cash is only

It is handled separately from the pachinko parlor’s work as a job of money exchange dealers

The place of cash is different because there are. In other words, Ikasama replacement

If you don’t do it, if you were doing squid at a pachinko parlor

It is illegal. After going to society, I saw pachinko cashing,

According to the Gambling Law, monetary trading is guilty if it violates public order and morals.

What do you think if you know things?

Casino is because the game and money changing traders are together, so

The Fair Trade Commission is always watching

He regularly patrols whether there is an antitrust law.

Money Laundering (Market Management) Crime while knowing such facts

In criminal psychology, the Federal Investigation Bureau has determined whether to wake up.

It will be a decisive factor whether such a person is an influential person.

About the creator of the Nazi thought, the same as above.

From the idea of ​​”dominating and grasping”, the person

Sometimes they try to kill them in the dark. Compare with one person,

In fact, the number is now unknown, such as a multi -group production,

The new windshas of the former self -published agency are not limited

Critical to violate the Unauthorized Competition Prevention Law due to infringement of intellectual property rights

Lost to the trial on charges of violating the antitrust law, and the company was crushed

Similar things are the movie “Catch Me If You Can”

It has been done based on abuse.

I will quote it properly,

From the movie “Catch Me If You Can”

If you go to the end, you will be arrested based on fraud.